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GFOX Soluções is an African based consultancy which offers its clients a range services within the engineering and construction industry. Along with our partners we bring together the latest research and training to our products and services to deliver more value for money to our clients.

At GFOX we understand the whole life cycle of the development process from feasibility to demolition. The knowledge and understanding of property maintenance is the key to ensure the structural integrity but importantly provides owners with the financial information required to increase the value of their asset.

As Bermuda properties need regular maintenance to preserve its value and beauty, while being sensitive to the price of labour and material cost working on a collective model in order to provide potential cost reductions. Using a condo like “maintenance fee model” where the pooled resources approach is used to purchase bulk goods and services, GFOX clients will be able to benefit from the same model.


Products and Services

Unique Property Guidebook

Top Seller

Our property guidebook has been adapted to provide residential clients with the same standards that are used to maintain large engineering projects. With the same approach to the importance of maintenance management our guidebook is broken into all elements of the building process as follows:

  • Property Function - The use of the property and a collation of all regulatory documentation

  • Architectural/Structural – A collection of quality control documents and evidence in individual sections from foundations to fixtures.

  • Electrical - A collection of quality control documents and evidence for use in electrical elements.

  • Mechanical - A collection of quality control documents and evidence for use in mechanical (plumbing) elements.

  • External - A collection of quality control documents and evidence for use in external structures or service connections. (i.e.BELCO mains to house)

Property and Contract Maintenance Management

Best Value 

This is our premium service which provides owners and managers the documentation and data to make strategic maintenance decisions. Through the collection and presentation of this information the efficiency of decisions will improve in turn to provide long term savings in real returns.


  • Industry experts to guide our clients with the best relevant standards

  • Improved efficiency on decision making

  • Pooled resources for discounted works and supplies.

  • Client access to GFOX group resources

  • Increase in long term real returns

Property Management

Key Deliverables 

  • Development of the Unique Property Guidebook

  • Collation of the contractor specific Quality management processes and checklist

  • Development and presentation of short term maintenance requirements

  • Development and cost estimates of medium term maintenance requirements

  • Development and financial analysis of long term maintenance requirements

Contracts Management

Key Deliverables 

  • Provide owners with access to approved subcontractors list with internal Heath and Safety, Quality and Environmental Awareness ranking. (Improved ranking based of Building Research Establishment (BRE) Academy Certificates – BRE Group - UK)

  • Review of contractor estimations and quotations

  • Provision of contract management documents to provide evidence of completed specified work

  • Collation of documentations to be submitted prior to completion of payments.

  • Updating of the Property Guidebook

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